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Bro, do you even track? [Part 1 – about me]

Burgers, ice cream, baked goods…mmm. If you follow me on Instagram (@benfritzfit if you aren’t!), you have, no doubt, seen ridiculous pictures of these wonderful, wonderful things. Along with these you will have seen #flexibledieting or #IIFYM (as I put this on #everything). Although my various meal snapshots may seem like a barrage of food porn at times, I do try to provide some context or informational tidbits on a regular basis. However, regardless of how many pictures I post or tidbits.

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Five-years-out-of-college reflection (aka “Dear Diary”)

Has it really been five years since I left the University of Illinois?… I don’t feel that old, but then again, college does feel like a lifetime ago. Nostalgia is the initial feeling – it’s fun to live in the past, especially because it’s easy to remember all the good parts. I consciously pull myself back to the present day and think about all that has transpired in the five years since I left that Champaign-Urbana campus: I received a diploma in.

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