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Bro, do you even track? [Part 2 – about you]

So, now that I have shared why I love tracking my macros it is time to address something you probably surely care about more… you! It’s fine and dandy that flexible dieting works for me, but what about you? Let’s find out… Did the things I mentioned in Part 1 (about me) resonate with you? If so, the next step is easy… start tracking your macros! Download my free beginner’s guide here -> Flexible Dieting 101 or contact me to figure out.

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Bro, do you even track? [Part 1 – about me]

Burgers, ice cream, baked goods…mmm. If you follow me on Instagram (@benfritzfit if you aren’t!), you have, no doubt, seen ridiculous pictures of these wonderful, wonderful things. Along with these you will have seen #flexibledieting or #IIFYM (as I put this on #everything). Although my various meal snapshots may seem like a barrage of food porn at times, I do try to provide some context or informational tidbits on a regular basis. However, regardless of how many pictures I post or tidbits.

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Five-years-out-of-college reflection (aka “Dear Diary”)

Has it really been five years since I left the University of Illinois?… I don’t feel that old, but then again, college does feel like a lifetime ago. Nostalgia is the initial feeling – it’s fun to live in the past, especially because it’s easy to remember all the good parts. I consciously pull myself back to the present day and think about all that has transpired in the five years since I left that Champaign-Urbana campus: I received a diploma in.

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